Ending Week #12 – Sluggish Feelings Extinct – 220s in!

An amazing last week!

Last two weeks were great overall, but the last one should be exemplifying on my end. Weight keeps dropping, runs keep becoming easier on the legs and simpler post recovery each day.

Results for week #12..

how to lost 11 pounds in two weeks running11 lbs lost in the last two weeks! Weight loss continues working as scheduled while still having a pizza week and my usual convenient Taco Bell visit twice in a week.

Sluggish feeling entirely out, very energetic thanks to food modification overall selections on a constant basis and active exercise consistency.

Runs became faster while shouting “focus” internally while running kept my beats per minute (BPM) at above 162 on multiple 5 mile runs and improving each longer runs for each new week.

100 meter run time –> 19 seconds best time at 228 lbs or so at 31.9 body mass index…just 10 seconds away from Bolt and still obese according to the CDC..crazy😂👏 Ey..getting closer to Bolt haha..dream on indeed!

5 mile times drastically improved for 5 mile events. June 6th 10:05 per mile time for 5 exact mile average., weight was around 232-235lbs dancing pounds

–> Daily average steps were 13,150 each day to achieve total weight loss of 11lbs.

–> Yahoo and Bing.com already loving the  best gps fitness tracker in 2018 for running  review done here two weeks ago. Traffic estimates of 15-40 organic visitors daily by December, yet another fun chess game so to speak..very happy🤞👏

how to drop over 10 pounds in 2 weeks by runningWeek 13 weight loss and running objectives, June 1th to June 17th:

–> Another 100,000 steps week objective

–> Drop 5 additional pounds regardless of week importance yet again

–> Run at least 25 miles = half marathon, 10k and test 200m track and field time

–> Run half a marathon in 2 hours and 25 minutes or less

–> Swim at least twice, 2,000 meters below 47 minutes

                       We continue😝✌

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