Best GPS Fitness Tracker in 2018 for Swimming and Running

Our transparent and vivid review of the Garmin Fenix 5x GPS fitness exercise tracker!

If you don’t qualify with the immediate 90 seconds details below, you shouldn’t read further into what we believe is the best GPS fitness tracker in 2018 for swimming and running. Before the comprehensive review of this elite GPS fitness smart watch,  my personal vivid experience.

One of my running friends said, and I am kind of shy to say stuff like this, but I’ll go ahead and sniff it out as its kind of different. She said “wearing the Fenix 5x felt like cunnilingus in a wrist😱” Horrifying word and worst ever gif meme association, but genuinely as it looks,  all I could surely say was NO! <——NOOOOO at the beginning!

It felt really odd but in a way, cute. Perhaps surely completely outrageous for some, but then with her professional bodybuilder stance and as a respectful lesbian advocate, I could understand to an extent her acute description. Kind of odd, I know. Hostility with concealed forms of buddies foreplay left and right wherever we go with our playful attitudes while behaving like a rock😍 Behavioral sexual innuendos aren’t they fun at times😩 More nighttime prayers eventually!

To my surprise I evidently understood why such descriptive accuracy. Grab a good glass of wine, there’s still 3 minutes or so after this in-a-nutshell review. Once you’ve the Fenix 5X tight on your wrist, you just can’t EVER get bored with it!

Vividly speaking, the Fenix 5x felt like the equivalent of multiple Porsche 911 passenger daily rides into first weeks of college! Old neighbors, what a blessing experience it was! The things we could learn from normal yet highly competitive families are just priceless 🤳 Sure, our Puerto Rican overall economy has temporarily gone to shit, but it always feels correct to remind ourselves to keep optimism high as always, at all times, for what may likely very well be, better years ahead. The equivalent of the true athlete and his/her complementary accessory dejavú. At least, that was the experienced feeling. Now how will it feel if you put this Fenix 5x beast on?👏😝👣

90 seconds or so into the Fenix 5x😍 And personally, I won’t be surprised if you can also mimic the infamous humming chant once wearing it😝😂 Some seriously wicked feelings from opposite genders (technically) and myself. With our now 90 seconds of utterly sagacious in-a-nutshell conclusions up, here’s what I think is added comprehensive reality to seriously consider this long term investment.

Who SHOULD NOT acquire the Fenix 5x  and WHO actually

SHOULD snatch it, as their next best running and swimming GPS fitness tracker?

–> Any professional athlete and/or seriously committed multi-sport enthusiast that wants a great GPS tracker with swimming and running capabilities

–> You expect the Fenix 5x to count your calorie fat loss when getting jiggy with it, just as Will Smith use to proudly sing. Boom! Surely. Remember the times? It surely takes two to tango , but no matter the sexual position this or any fitness tracker, unfortunately, won’t accurately count those type of calories. Sorry to be the party-pooper on this one for a few😂👋 Nooooo! HOWEVER! Your heart beats per minute without a doubt will get recorded and you’ll still be able to perhaps, manually override your day activity with a creative exercise name for app title to keep it honest🙃😇 Some of us wouldn’t be surprise of such is added in a $600-$700 bundle for sure, but yes, discard this full thought as well until further notice.

best GPS fitness tracker in 2018 for swimming and running–> If you’ve $500 plus to invest for the very best triathlete running watch and still wear it for business. It’ll look great for everyday use no matter the occasion! This will be a sports tracking watch you’d be proud to keep on your wrist every day, even through your sleep, as it should once owning it.

–> When $500 would add a stint on your finances or if you don’t plan to use it weekly, consider getting a brand new or refurbished Vivoactive with 1 year warranty. Transparently as always, who the heck should care if an item is refurbished or not when the warranty is the same as buying brand new? Only those of us who still earn less than 100k a year? Tell me about it🤳✌ That’s the majority of us🤳🤑🤫 The bigger BUT being!

Summer is just around the corner, and what better way to enjoy it than spending more hours training outdoors with a smart watch. A fitness running tracker that’ll both motivate and remind you by the clock on what you should be doing, right? Just like having your own personal great assistance to remind you but without paying $100’s a week. Without further ado, it has become an overall necessity for athletes and amateurs alike as a worthy convenience. While some of these gadgets may look a little bit odd if you’re used to the Citizen and Seiko traditional, the Fenix 5X is surely more convenient for every day use. Better yet, it balances the subjective requirement of looking darn good as well. Two in one, two for one!

Personally, I wouldn’t be caught without my own preferred version of this Fenix 5x, especially when I’m going out for a run. The Garmin Fenix 5X is surely one of the best tracking devices (if not the best), I’ve recently came into pleasurable debate. Still, had to return it to my new colleague upon finishing workout.

Perched conveniently on my wrist, it accurately tracked my training condition and progress upon start – from pace and distance, to even the length of my break. Let’s just say that the debate of Fenix 5x versus my old time favorite, Vivoactive HR, which also accurately tracks your running, swimming, and everything in between, was a worthy one. Here is how the Fenix 5X looks like at Amazon if you haven’t click the hyperlinks yet…


When it comes to GPS technology, Garmin has always been the leading choice for many sports enthusiasts. Not only has it packed innovation and style in one but it also helps promote healthy living to whoever wears it.

The 5X is the biggest among the three-size series of GPS watches launched in 2017. This high-tech device is more than capable of doing more feature rich tracking compared to other leading brands in the competitive market.

Check out some of these following features and see why it stands out from the rest.


Have you ever heard of full color-mapping? If you honestly don’t like shouting “oh my goodness🤫!” I swear you’ll want to touch yourself if you see it. Why?! This starting feature provides you different forms of mapping coverage with integrated route planning. What does this mean you may ask? It means we don’t have to worry about challenging terrains and environments as its built-in GPS and GLONASS have the capability of tracking wherever we go. Be it running, swimming, hiking, you name it. It also has 3-axis compass, gyroscope and barometric altimeter for more accuracy.

best gps fitness tracker in 2018In fact, you can even use it as an alternative to your smartphone when searching for nearby local points. And yes, near by locations such as restaurants, stores, gas stations, and the likes of these. Don’t be surprise to easily get multiple “Dollar Tree” locations if you’re anywhere near Orlando, Florida. I’ve been told in boards online that this baby can even give you turn-by-turn directions on how to get there.

This multi-sport GPS watch to some of our benefits also features stainless steel bezel and sapphire crystal lens similar to its predecessor, the Fenix 3 HR. Durability is never an issue with the 5X sports watch as it is water and scratch-resistant.

You can also count on its long battery life, depending on your settings. In fact, it has proven to last up to two weeks with at least four tracked activities a week. Charging time is also quite impressive as it usually fills back up to 100 percent in less than two hours.

The Garmin Fenix 5X also upped its LCD screen resolution to 240 x 240 pixels – a far cry from its predecessor’s 218 x 218. Its high-resolution Chroma Display gives a remarkable improvement in screen detail and assures comfortable readability in almost all conditions.

Another plus factor of the 5X is its connectivity. Users can now easily connect their GPS watch to Wi-Fi and automatically share their activity records and stats on Garmin Connect.

This sports gear excels in features, but it also has its own style. The Garmin Fenix 5X features a new Quickfit watch band system that allows users to swap different bands quickly without using any tools. Now you can match the look of your GPS watch with your outfit and mood easily.


Most fitness watches use Global Positioning System (GPS) to determine your exact location. Satellites circling the Earth transmit a unique signal that allows GPS devices to pinpoint your location accurately. A process called “triangulation” keeps track of the signals sent to your watch while running, determining your position and displaying it electronically.

Over the years, GPS technology has drastically improved! You, your car and virtually wherever you go, you can be traced and tracked! Absolutely crazy, privacy is at a dismal high now a days depending your needs and your tolerance with technology. Why fight it when you can make great use of such great technology, right?

GPS tracking devices like this and others can, in-a-nutshell, provide extremely accurate location, typically within 10 meters according to device when mapping and analyzing data. Furthermore, your location in the water can also be tracked accurately thanks to satellite GPS technology, its like being naked all the time, you’re being watched!



The Garmin Fenix 5X is not just about looking fashionable, cool or flashy to your next door neighbors! Whoever cares about this in their late 20, 30 or 40s is probably an alien or needs a new god. This Fenix 5X smart GPS fitness tracker would give you the best value for your money long term in my views. While it’s true the device can effectively track your progress and condition while performing mild to intense activities. Still the vast amount of core value specifics this precious beast do gives us the main reason on why we should acquire it as budget allows! Starting and not limited to, the best foundations of it…

—–>It PUSHES YOU to do better – By wearing this device, you can keep track of your performance and make a comparison on how you can improve. In my case, it is beneficial in measuring my speed and pace while running, which I can use as a reference for my next runs. It’s a valuable way to beat my previous records and push a little bit harder when it merits.

——> It helps you LOSE WEIGHT – A GPS watch is not only for tracking your activities, but it can also help with your diet. Without further surprises in technology, this sports device can accurately record the number of calories you burn during a workout, making it easier for you to plan your next meal. A fundamental beauty so to speak.

——> It gives BETTER ACCURATE READINGS than mobile apps – for years now, it has been proven that GPS watches can provide more accurate readings of your data, such as distance covered and exact location, than any other mobile applications. This is very important as it can affect your overall efficiency. The device also allows you to analyze your runs thoroughly by comparing recent and previous stats.

  •  It’s suitable for indoor use as well – If you’re not the outdoor type and prefer to do your workout indoors, you can still accurately keep track of your progress using a GPS watch. A device like the Garmin Fenix 5X is handy even when you’re exercising inside the house. Just strap it on your wrist and log all your efforts.
  • It’s useful for patients with heart conditions – you might have not known this, but heart patients can actually use a GPS watch as a preventive tool for more precarious and unsmiling health condition? Most of these sports wearables’ have the uncanny ability to measure our pulse rate and heartbeats consistently without fail. Furthermore, want the Fenix 5x to wake you up? Boom.. boom..pup-pop, set! Waking me up early, ha! KABOOM, done! Wholeheartedly in!
  • It can keep track of your splits – the little details that amount to a lot overtime! By tracking your splits, it will be easier to note where you speed up and slow down during a run. Using this intel can definitely help you improve your next events times.


With all these impressive features, you might be asking yourself if it’s really worth it to spend (more like, invest!) money on a feature rich GPS watch you’ll use regularly, particularly the Garmin Fenix 5X?

The answer is definitely yes. A resounding yes! Our simple analogy, if you’re going to be on the road all the times, will you acquire a cheap car when you can afford brand new, high depreciation peace of mind? If you’re going to run over 20 miles a week on average, would you acquire Walmart shoes or would you rather sacrifice an extra $20 and get a clearance sale at Asics? Better one I think, would you scratch your punani hard for .99 cents out of 3 pounds of god knows what toilet roll for 2 entire weeks, day in and day out, or would you rather make the smart move with some Angel Soft love so those walls don’t get lacerated? Ey, too easy! Thought of even scratching wasn’t difficult even if its totally clean, the thought of it makes it heavy but surely an easy decision. We all know the answer. Getting the very best GPS fitness tracker watch for running and swimming on the market right now (if you’re willing to sacrifice a little!) by going with the Fenix 5x would be a great choice. That’s my honest verdict.

Fact still remains, GPS fitness watches, such as the 5X can be quite pricey, but ideal adult toys that are worthy of every dollar. With its overall technological features, you can never go wrong with it. Whether you’re a professional athlete or an amateur in the field, it’s an excellent device to keep track of both the fundamentals and the advance stats conveniently. Hope you liked this review, loved our style (got have some fun while working!) and definitely look forward to reading from you soon in the comment section✌

By the way, are you a proud owner of the Fenix 5x GPS smart watch tracker?

If so, tell us what your thoughts and main favorites are for you. This review would likely stay relevant for both 2018 and 2019 as this device is a beast! A worthy long editorial review for probably the best gps fitness tracker in 2018 for swimming and running..a beauty for those the seek the best only!

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