Week #13 :)))) Fan Page Thank You’s, Birthday & Fathers Day Results!

Is starting a weight loss goal in the holidays a good idea? What about birthday or fathers day week?👽 What is the best month to start a weight loss program? The answers surely below😝☠😍

We are climbing another cloud this year, it isn’t ordinary, it ain’t boring, or traditional – but it surely continues to be a lot of fun and sweaty again! It started as a small side hustle challenge, just like this blog w/ purposes of reminding myself every week to exercise. And so far, over 20lbs so far out from overall body. Goal is 35 plus lbs more to go this year! The overall results so far, looking great😍🤳 with the exception of this previous week..birthday celebration and fathers day celebration in the same week😱 You could imagine…SURPRISE😝😂

On other great notes!

starting a weight loss goal in the holidays a good idea?<— Glad some of you are already liking some of my SlickRun Facebook posts. Validates and confirms local interest, which is great. Thanks for those liking it and seeing the immediate value. Some comments read were great and gave me added ideas thanks to shared specifics (thank you!)

Birds of a feather flock together for sure, so the goal to keep losing weight in reasonable time, with weekly objectives, while still improving running speeds continues with all of us here.

Our starting SlickRun.com fan page was done and continues to grow. Make sure to highly consider hitting it with a “like” so you can see when a local group for running starts. A running group will very likely come soon for those of us in the north of Puerto Rico and when I am in Orlando, Florida (which is every 2-3 months or so for family + glowing perks around)

What started entirely with the main purpose of reminding myself of running weekly and keeping in shape, with added positive pressure to actually keep the same running speed standards that were simple to achieve before with discipline, continues to grow at a modest pace. Continued improvements ongoing, and it has helped me tremendously. For each their own, right🤠

Fan page members were asking for an exercise group for walking and running, which I think would be a possibility by end of this year. That’s being entertained and considered as an ROTC weekly routine would be exciting and different with a group. Could be lots of fun! Without caring much of how in shape I am, it could start sooner, but I’d rather start a running group when being a bit more fit so I don’t slow anyone. Setting the example is always good, so once the body feels a lot better and a bit more in-shape, eyyyy, a running group may get announce at the end of the year, yes indeed. Thanks for the initiative and idea Gretchen and others, just can’t post all the images here✍👏

Interesting enough, some of us while running may even found our boricua Wendy Rhodes version! Can you imagine if that extra, optional perk happens for those of us who’ve managed to stay single, fun, ‘somewhat’😇 confident (we could say) and still have the ready-to-mingle attitude..uhh.. good god🤩💅

Previous week review…

what is the best month to start a weight loss program?–> Quick getaway with a combination of multiple birthday mini cakes, great eating as usual, along with father’s day enjoyment! A blessing of 4 extra worthy (family, friends) pounds gained in record time even through I kept the majority of the objectives locked, it wasn’t enough! Oh who wouldn’t celebrate at Bahama Breeze, with yet another FANTASTIC place for desserts! Always paying ourselves first, especially on birthday weeks haha..now the easy to digest extra temporary pounds..still can’t complain😍😇

–> Objectives for the week weren’t met in the majority, compensating this week without fail! 5 pounds plus what?!

–> I mean, birthday celebration and fathers day celebration, and still highly competitive exercise objectives for the week! Noooooooooo! That’s like attempting to drop 40 pounds ‘easily’ in 3 months without ever dropping 20 + pounds in 1 year. Obviously, unlikely! That’s like playing Black Jack, not poker or chess! Very likely to fail the deadline😬

What confidence and high conversion does to a brain sometimes!! In my case, I thought I could still drop 5 lbs when birthday and mini getaways are planned beforehand for fathers day. No, just no! The willingness doesn’t need to go that high! The darn lesson from previous week being😂😂🤳, DON’T EVER set an objective of losing 5+ lbs during special weeks (even if it’s easy to drop lbs as you may be obese!) on both birthday week and fathers day week! Horrible, horrible…horrible😩😝☠☠ Just too darn much unnecessary extra willpower you’ll have to extract and cope, don’t do it! Rather and enjoy your week, seriously!

See, there’s just no way some of us will ever be the know it all perfectionist even on things loved, like exercise! None of us have too.

WEEK 14th Objectives:

– Only 1 bottle of WINE a week until August! No more sangria or alcohol for a little while! A friendly known local doctor recently reminded me a glass of wine a day would help me lose weight even faster! Yet, a little more added research on my end from other certified doctors and live sources, and KABOOM! More good validation says WINE should assist😍🤩 Weight should come off faster and in return, running even more enjoyable.

– Focus of losing 5lbs MINIMUM for what’s left of this week! When you’re obese according to the CDC, there are good valid reasons to drop more than the average recommended of 2lbs per week.

– At least 3 hours of treadmill speed walking and 20 minutes of jump rope starting training as legs should handle it

– The higher and lengthier heart beats per minute are (162+ BPM for over 30 consistent minutes), the simpler and even easier it has been to keep losing weight on my end..monitor BPMs even more!

– 1 weekly visit to Taco Bell…only once a week until August, once…ONCE!

– I’ll find the time, I’ll make the time, and it’ll get done regardless of current workweek schedules!! Enthusiasm low, regular? If so, check this post to remember your reasons why..confident it’ll also help you as well 🙂

Climbing yet another new lovely cloud this year😂😂😇  A cloud that’s surely unconventional, 175-190 lbs by December 31st and staying there thereafter! Just too easy once committed🤠🤳

👆🏆Remember, whether it’s 10 or 100 pounds you want to lose, I think, what’s impossible for some low standards mindset (understandable), may just be a simple puzzle for you as well. I remember, (spanish) “c’mon bro, you’ll be delusional if you think you can get in better shape than before or look better than before, it’s just impossible man”🙌 The added cool motivations that may not mean much, but are great for making a nice wager😍 Reminding myself, anyone can do what’s easy, staying obese and out of shape is culturally normal now a days, not exciting.  Think says enough about you temporarily regardless of the responsibilities you may have. The consistent healthy feeling of being in great shape is something else!

It just takes patience and a new discipline in my views! As the saying goes; “if you hang around the barbershop long enough, sooner or later your gonna get a haircut!” So get reminded enough times about what’s healthy and good for you, and you’ll get healthier and fit sooner upon taking consistent action. Join us at our Facebook Page here to make it easier!

Question will always be in my view, how bad do YOU want to be in great shape or healthy? Because reality by personal experience, the best month for starting a weight loss goal is anytime you decide starting it! As simple as it sounds! Pick your good poison, and instead of trying to lose small like most of us do at certain times, lets win big with our new week😉

Now, get your ass out the couch my friend!


P.S – Want to make your gym time even more enjoyable? Ey, find a gym buddie and go to the opposite extreme ends of the gym and take rapid turns shouting, “Yeah buddie, lightweight babyyyyy, ain’t nothing but a peanut!”😂😂😂 I promise your smiles will become even wider at the end of a days workout🎧✌

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