Setting Running Goals – Get Improvements With Specifics – It’s Working!

Improvements and running goals continue to roll in! Apart from knowing how to set a weight loss goal (and running goals), you’ll find examples “what to do” and “how to do” examples in this post for running goals example. Its not only fun, 12 month from now you’ll see how small these goals will look to you by experience!

running goalsIn the past two weeks, me and quite a few of us have started to understand how simple is to go from slow, sluggish, low-energy cerdito moments – to running around the 10 minute miles mark consistently for 5 plus miles again! Aleluya! If you’re around 240 plus pounds, 5’11 or under, this is big. Traditional standards for consistent runners is staying around the 10 minute mile mark. It is the easy and usually the standard run for talking with a partner. Not for now on my end for now, but surely a step-up.

So I’ve managed to successfully go from 13:20 minute miles to now being at around the 10 minute per mile mark for 5 plus miles, consistently when resting for 3 or 4 days. This also serves as example on how to run a 10k running event at around the 10 minute per mile mark as well, all you’ll likely need is 30-60 days of running depending your current weight and overall health.

After “reasons why” have been truly answered from your end, here’s the next part that works very nicely, planning stage with realistic running goals!

Running Goals Example Being:

Run half-a-marathon under 2 hours:  realistic if you’ve run a half marathon under 2 hours and 25 minutes or tested yourself at a high tempo 10 mile race and achieved to finish around 1 hour and 35 minutes or so. Goal realistic.

Run 10 miles under 1 hour and 25 minutes:  if you’re confident you can run a half-a-marathon at 9:09 pace on average to achieve a sub 2-hours half marathon,  you can surely up the ante in speed with a realistic 10 mile race under 1 hour and 20 minutes as it’s shorter distance. Personally, I did it at 5’11 with 216lbs (almost out of cerdito pounds back then) according to my VivoActive HR back in April, 2017!

Nothing fancy, an ‘ok time’ according to those who run consistently so to speak. So according to fundamentals and basic math, I’ll need to be between 180-190lbs to accomplish such goal, while staying between 160-165 heart beats per minute when taking out those 36 extra pounds of weight/fat percentage. A GPS running tracker and your training history can confirm a lot of details that measure up to future goal predictions being achieved. More on this soon!

– Run a 10k event under 52 minutes: another achievable and realistic goal within 1 year. That is, even if you might be 250 pounds or so right now. Surely some of us will have to step it up now! The only requirements for achievement according to math is around 8:20 minute per mile. Again, without starting the reviews or professionally comparing running GPS trackers, consider this GPS outdoor running tracker  as well as it won’t break the bank and it can also be used for every day use, even if you might be closing a sale soon at a fancy Ritz Carlton.

Run a 2 mile event at 12:49: this one is a personal one that’ll just cure an itch. It is another realistic running goal based on previous mid 13 minute runs averages and accomplished standards with consistency. Fastest mile recorded was 6:19, so shooting for high-speed moments again just for the fun of old times haha!

– Run 200 meter run under XY amount of seconds: pending new week grading

– Run 100 meters under XY amount of seconds: pending new week grading

“You crazy, 4 running goals in under 1 year while being overweight!”

Here is one of many strategies on how to accomplish all of those at once under 12 months if you really want to! Why achieve one realistic running goal when you can shoot for multiple ones, achieve them and later discover a specialty focus or a favorite running event? What’s the hurry right?

Here is how to establish your own running goals and meet them, following along with the exercise will assist quite nicely:

the best weight scale for the money

<—Find your specs, what’s your body/engine status – going to any of your local health food centers (GNC, others) would often get you those numbers in record speed. Getting your weight, body fat percentage, body mass index will provide anyone immediate status of your body. Like mine, I am not surprised my metabolic age has skyrocketed! Great for before and after.

—-> Get a 90 day planner – (or write your weekly running/exercise goals each week on your own notebook) this has helped tremendously on other aspects on my end. I’ve two of these now. One is for business and the other is for exercise! I finally started using this baby recently, it keeps your focus zoned!

—-> Create your own running event(s) goals – just like the running events mentioned as example described in this blog post, a few paragraphs above. Very simple. Could be 1, could be 2, the less the better at first. Regardless, if you’ve one endurance mile goal and speed running event, your times will drop significantly as endurance is the precursor for speed by my own tests and others that professionally continue to execute.

—-> Decipher your own pace and log your average numbers – there’s a huge difference in speed versus endurance. If you check 100 meters and 200 meters runners you’ll likely see how cut and greatly in shape these runners are compared to endurance runners, which are often skinny with little to no muscle. Get your endurance workouts and keep these speed averages closely in check.

Speed Walk: 4.0 mph = 15:00 minutes per mile

Almost Jogging: 4.5 mph = 13:20 minutes per mile

Jogging: 5.0 mph = 12:00 minutes per mile

Speed Jogging: 5.5 mph = 10:55 minutes per mile

Running: 6.0 mph = 10:00 minutes per mile

Speed Run: 6.5 mph = 9:14 minutes per mile

SlickRun: = 7.0 mph = 8:34 minutes per mile

If you aren’t in running shape, the defined metrics above would be very familiar, or to the very least close to your own reality. Embracing the inner pig within us is only temporary and within merit, I mean, try doing their noise for a little while and let it sink in. You’re entitled to have fun in this process! It can only do you more good than harm mentally! Few months from now you’ll laugh from it more good ways than bad. Seriously😍

Remember about these temporary moments and current standards. Once committed, you know you’ll be in great shape again in a few short months and metrics would drastically improve within a year by common sense!

Our 10k mile runs and half-marathon running on our end would definitely improve if committed. Any running pace calculator or running app would confirm the same for the above examples.

Log and Compare Your heart Rate Zones (BPM) – Knowing your heart beats per minute at the end of the day will tell you whether you’re slacking off how to know your not wasting time trainingand wasting your time, or training like a champ. Can’t get better described in my views! If your beats per minute are under 160 the majority of the time, or 80% of your running – you’re likely wasting your time. If not you’re injured or getting in rhythm, definitely understandable.

Keeping my own beats per minute count has confirmed I am not wasting my time with my speed runs, my swimming, cycling and the majority of my endurance runs. It just helps tremendously.

I’ve found multiple times that my heart was about to come out of my mouth when running way to fast for XY amount of minutes, that a feeling of throwing up comes at times when you’re locked in Zone 5 where your beats per minute are consistently over 180. Sweetest thing is when you adapt, breath and tell your mind that you ain’t vomiting while you concentrate on keeping that compulsive feeling inside of you to come out. That exciting part of mind control!

Most of my close friends say I physically look fine, obviously the majority woman so a little biased there😂🤫😇 However the not so secret numbers and the competitive in me is confirming cerdito moments! Hey, embrace what you got to temporary embrace, life is surely lovely, but darn that noise!

2 pounds out, 3 more to leave my belly this week👏😍

Lets keep plugin!

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