Finding your WHY!

why people attempt crazy shit I believe it’s one of the most important questions when starting a goal, any fitness goal. Why, why and well, WHY!

Perhaps you’ve noticed that every single year your local gym at beginnings of January gets entirely packed. In fact, multiple times I’ve asked, and January and May seem to be top selling months for memberships. Interesting enough, as expected by human nature. Memberships sign-ups and gym attendance completely drop from those that got started in January. By March you’re unlikely to see the same people you first saw at the beginning of the year. That desire that once had complete commitment for becoming healthy, healthier, or in completely shape, dissipates entirely for most of us.

As you might imagine, NOT enough reasons why. Without deep reasons WHY, I’ve found that not only me, but anyone in particular pursuing anything complex or difficult would just either quit or eventually fall short of a particular worthy goal. For everything that requires hard work or big change, flight response is the easiest path. If there isn’t any deep reasons, reasons with real value, and meaning that only matter to us, temptation to quit will be high. Completely normal with fitness goals that aren’t average and require added effort. Think about it!

Putting myself as example here with with quite a few examples here! Oh those dejavú generalizations! Its kind of fun. Why start a blog, why have a slick run each week to eventually run SUPER fast and longer? What do I get of huge value both short term and long term that’ll be worthy of any relentless and consistent effort? What’s the big ROI here? Why keep myself reminding me of it with so little amount of time each day? Starting answers as it usually goes with me and everyone… (tell me I ain’t right!)

Because I want to lose weight. BECAUSE I will look even better. Because it’ll just feel greattttt!

Lord🤫👋 You surely catch the message in those hyperlink videos! Boring, boring, boring with absolutely no valuable reasons!! Everyone wants to be in shape, its just easier said than done. Everyone wants to be rich in their own defined ways, 80% plus of us aren’t willing to sacrifice enough for it. Most competitive folks with standards wants to have the best available partner in the marketplace, yet the majority of us don’t look within ourselves first, or seek to understand how we make other persons feel permanently with our presence. Oh the differences! Our reasons for wanting XY  specifics haven’t been deeply analyzed for “reasons why” in the majority of cases. That is, to increase our own odds of accomplishment.

You’ve probably guessed by now. There’s just not a chance I’d ever stick (or anyone would) for becoming super fit with such defined and exemplifying voodoo economics vague reasons. No deep valuable reasons to become better than traditional standards. Definitely not enough emotions connected to keep the fuel going with such statements when it gets rough or a plateau sets in. Just vague meanings as to reasons given! No long term deep value, no deep emotions to remind ourselves why for complex goals, or just no valuable enough meaningful reasons.

As we can appreciate, the explanations above given just don’t have any profound meaning by just saying; “because i want to lose weight”, because it’ll feel greatttt” ..I mean think about it!

You wouldn’t care profoundly if such statements are among the “reasons why” as these are just simple, easy and every day statements. It’ll be easier to skip the goal with a fitness goal that may be easier in our minds. The human mind with what is simpler and easy right? Netflix may sound better at first! The flight response that’s usual. Doesn’t fail. Beautiful 30s👏😀 Furthermore!

the most important question to ask when starting a goalthe question to ask myself before starting a goalWHY stick to a fitness goal and the journey both short term and long term?! Why! Why when you know the ending feeling result wouldn’t equal the excitement similar to these two fine folks here? Little leagues and not exciting?

<—— First times almost always feel like this! I mean, think about it! How exciting is it, and would it actually become for us to accomplish difficult, worthy goals for our own fitness and health?

Another “fine” or another “cool its done, next!” that lacks the pleasures from the reactions such images portray? THAT is the phase that should be deeply analyzed and confirmed on our end to surely stick to our own rituals and achieve what’s complex. Another small side obsession, we continue here!

Here are some added meaningful reasons examples that go deep and might prevent us from quitting in my views:

It is absolutely painful both physically and mentally to be obese and/or overweight when trying to put your shoe-socks on while in a seating position! Horrible. Totalmente horrible..horrible! It literally felt like cerdito’ moments..nothing close to the feeling from the images on the left for sure. Personally, I just don’t want to pass through that jiba jabba again..literally! My metabolism penalizes me and so it does to most people. Just no worthy reason to be overweight. And if anyone tells you that it’s normal and fine to be a cerdito after your 30s, 40s, surely on this one… runnnnnnn! No subjective reasoning or a matter of standards here. Statistics and facts just prove otherwise as I am sure you’ll agree as well.

why do i feel sluggishThat sluggish feeling that comes with being a cool, temporary cerdito! Adding pre-defined meaning to the words helps a ton no matter your standards. Federal measurement standards don’t lie to us. The added feeling that you can do a lot more, but don’t do it because you’re tired ☠☠ Hate it with a passion! Cool or not, the sluggish feeling will still be there. Sluggish and overweight definitely sucks when you truly think about it. Even when your partner might’ve already accepted as she/he might be seeing you only with the eyes of love, you set the standards! Lord, you know it might be true in your case as well.

No matter how balanced your day in sleep, exercise and your day-to-day work – it’s just not the same energy when you’re entirely healthy or fit! I mean, the deliberate beach approaches and feeling it without a shirt. Grabbing her hands and making her touch your abs while getting THE look. The moments when you get approached just because! And by the way, nothing to do with me. Just an exemplifying exercise, seriously😬😳👋 At the moment of writing, I am still between 230-240lbs dancing pounds, so you might easily identify here. Why settle and not shoot for the stars as they say, if you know you can ultimately enjoy it and even accomplish it as a sticky? The overall rewards of being extremely fit or to the very least, in-shape consistently. It’ll be even more lovely!

Perhaps upon dropping 40-100 pounds your reaction would be similar to the gestures and feelings of moments like these? Exactly, like $2 million bucks as you might already feel like a million bucks hehe😍

The exciting process, the ultimately rewards at the end! Life is too darn short for boring stuff, right? If you think it’ll just be amazing or wow you, more added ‘reasons why’ for it! More power to ya! More power to pursue what you think will be a big and worthy goal. I mean really, running 10 miles in 2 hours?

Running 16 miles in 3 hours and 30 + minutes? Pathetic if you love the running sport! Being honest with yourself is always good. Even better, that’s how you eliminate the what if’ questioning as you might agree as well. As long as your significant foundation(s) aren’t affected, it should be a total go if you ask me! Run for those sexy abs again BABY! Now, surely…

If you’ve been fit countless times before and it’s about getting squared away again, it’d would surely feel like a set standard or an objective again, instead of something big. So what! A long time personal battle of being totally fit on my end, yet another great reason with valuable meaning here. We all have our demons haha!

Furthermore, from my end. Google and the folks searching for relevant fitness content will take notice within 6-8 months as well! Not a matter of intuition, just calculated facts do to consistent experiences. See! More darn meaningful reasons to continue writing as well from my end when it comes to being fit. I could be watching Netflix, cooking something new or doing normal instead. Normal can surely be fantastic at times, but meaning and commitments for the good ..they make such a difference 🙂

Of added significance, instead of pain which other self-confessed gurus confirm serves as the best motivator of all, pleasure comes second best in my views as well. Pleasure contributes a lot as a second reminding choice to stick when a goal is complex!

what should i know before committing to a goalA positive example for getting fit and in great shape for some of us would be getting more emotionally connecting love letters faster within weeks instead of months! She is getting hammered on the local news, but as always, comes with the territory, awesome women often adapt very well! The intensity in truly connecting and added bonding that’ll have you calling tech support according to the 30s somewhat cool complexities haha! Lord have mercy on those added worthy meanings that come along!!

By intending to become great at every part that matters – the full package if we may, consistently with the correct partner – the feeling could be quite unique! Perhaps it continues to be of priority for you as well? Perhaps positively addicting? Being fit is just part of the equation here, oh I love should it matter to you here as well?😍😍😇

As far deep meaning into a “why” entails. Another example that exemplifies added reasons why for me, but that might definitely be entirely awkward and downright crazy for you. Oh I’ve my crazy get-it-done moments😂🤫 This next one adds to it big time in meaning too! I am seriously considering going entirely green. Yet another big meaningful reason why! Entirely green by considering the Portland’s World Naked Bike Ride😂😂👏😝

I just couldn’t believe it at first! I mean, think about it. The disco stick vs pink panther around the corner, hairy Bob and the puff pillow (birds of a feather is the saying), tunnel of love vs the lap rocket, vertical smiles vs the danger definitely get it! Oh my writings..this wine is just terrible☠😷

Its the reason for the blog post entry image actually. I mean, think about it. You can make another powerful, meaningful statement by being entirely butt-naked, and it’d be entirely legal. Judgments would likely be kept to a minimum, I figure, as long as you don’t get too happy-and-plentiful. And if you really care of being recorded (sad!) or work for someone that’s totally old school, you can still ride with added taste and peace of mind thanks to the eyes wide shut masks.  

How different and disproportionally lewd would that be for a fossil-risk-free rant! All for environment change of course😂😂🤫

And it seems Americans and myself included can handle drastic change. Might now be a bucket list on your end🙃 Make that fitness bucket list and execute on that feeling with perhaps an added twist to keep it enjoyable on your end 👏😇  Hey, whatever works for us!

There are a ton of other pleasurable and positives reasons to seek a profound why. Sometimes its just either part of who you are if meaning comes first into your work, or we slowly develop the habit.

Meaning is EVERYTHING when it comes to work for a few of us! Kind of addicting when you see the end results by setting your own standards and performing in what you truly value and matters at times for you😃

I strongly believe such deep reasons whys’ are soooooo critical as there’s a ton of risk and sacrifice involved on each of our goal pursuits! Some of us have even delayed having kids just because some of our own goals! Entirely worth it for some of us for sure. One life👏 The answers you ultimately end up finding, will mark such HUGE differences. Differences for sticking to a particular goal or finding “flight response” reasons for quitting early. Try doing your own exercise here. It should assist a ton here.

Have a night-time partner? Do the exercise.. its just amazing! I’d have done a video instead, but Google will eat this blog post words and keywords in a matter of 6-8 months from now as this content ages, so its a search engine game for now with starting valuable substance🤫

Whatever works for you and yours. Most importantly in my views, with a great reminder here! Don’t seek opinions from folks you don’t respect or admire. In fact this is one of the reasons why my country is so messed up. I love being a Puerto Rican, we talk and have opinions about everything for everything,BUT, a very big one indeed!s A good percentage of us are all hat and no cattle! All talk, yet… no real substance to back any claim with anything whatsoever. If you follow me, you’ll lose weight and get fit as a year from now my results will be massive..that’s just a small promise! For both weight loss and fitness..everything can be seen from the Facebook page log file here.

Listen to and read from the few that get real results, my results will be proven and public a year from now. Such a big deal depending who you are or the results achieved so far. Reminding myself as well and going back to my early 20s hehe! Made such a huge difference.  Be very wary who you listen and spend your time with for accomplishing your fitness goals and objectives..applies for mostly everything as you know!

fitness goal questions to askAs you may’ve noticed. This is a blog for people that want to become top runners and become extremely fit by immersing in the sport of running consistently long term, like I do! Maybe it get adjusted overtime, its a start! So with all the above hopefully being helpful, in recap…

—-> What’s your running goal an overall fitness goal?

—->Why do you REALLY want to do this?

—-> Set the deadline just like I did here …

Then if it’s the first time or if you’ve dropped like 100+ pounds and managed to get super fit for the first time thanks to running and overall exercise, perhaps this feeling sets in upon earning it😃🤫 Ain’t a beauty!

…plus like this video says! See it in your head, get your reasons why, and then just make it happen! And man does it continue to work 90%+ of the time😍😋😂🙃 We continue.. get to work✌

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