Ending Week #8 – Progress and Momentum!

Speed improvements continued. First 30 days of endurance running 10 and doing new record endurance runs of 16 miles proved to help with starting speeds for shorter running events. Feet still feel heavy, and adjustments of in-between rest haven’t made drastic changes, the ultimate solution should be to run more endurance runs.

May 7th to May 13th:

– Cerdito moments slowly diminishing as scheduled, sluggish feeling entirely dissipated as sleep is balanced and perfect

– Can easily run 10 minute runs for 5+ miles when resting 2-3 days

– Nutrition was poor and average

May 14th to May 20th:

  • Lose 5 pounds in the next 7 days. Current weight = 239 lbs!
  • Exercise both mornings and afternoons to mix between endurance and speed training for at least 3 days
  • Gallon of water minimum each day
  • Lower body workouts and abs workouts 6 days beginnings
  • Run, bike and swim!


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