Ending Week #10 Review – Only a Starting Howl!

Momentum and the small little habits that continue to pile up! Doing at least a little each day in the past two weeks while committing to progress with health has assisted a ton overall. Be it stretching, few push-ups, planks or sit-ups here and there. It continues to add up.

A treasure of a month!

Big shout out to my team Jocelle and Glecille who allowed me to break old time 2011 and 2016 May sales records!! Oh yes, I know you two are reading and watching.. IPs don’t lie haha! Imagine August to December , what the best months of the year will bring! This running blog and side hustle continues to help a ton, especially for our craft I’ve to remind, nothing beats exercise for hours of sedentary work!

Paradigm shift now, just like poker, kind of like having two kings and only 2 main competitors before the flop! After more than a year you guys know more good music will come to all of us😍 👏💪

And I know, Jocelle always indirectly reminds me of the “we are slaves to our words and we are owners of our silence” like some of us say. So I’ll say this, as always, I think god wants us to dance a little more, way more, we’ve too, we should! The force shall continue according to our schedules🤞😩🤳👔

how to maintain 160 beats per minute when runningRunning specifics! Going in the red zone quite a few times and running engagement and the internal muscle only strengthens out more as usual. High risk of vomiting keeps diminishing even while still pushing it at times to expand the threshold. Averages of 160+ beats per minute (bpm) for 5 mile runs now consistently achievable upon reasonable rest.

Noticeable notes:

1 mile average – 8 minutes, 48 seconds but with female friend and a bit of conversation with ease..odd..testing some more.

5 mile average – 10 minutes, 8 seconds solo per mile avgerage = May 27th with 3 days of full rest. And 10m-34s per mile average on May 7th with 4 full days of rest. I can’t hear the roar yet, but I am hearing the howling already🤳😂😍 Can you hear it? Maybe its me..

Swimming – 2,000 meters still within 51 minutes. Pace 2:21 per 100m lap, just like a cute cerdito would do at the beginnings, but its still bound to improve.

Glorified monthly membership w/ Universidad Central de Bayamón to be able to swim Monday to Friday, but with strict team rules and hours of practice 5 minutes away from home in a 25m outdoor working pool. Replacement for Natatorium to re-consider! Surrounding yourself with eagles instead of pigeons ideal here with a team? Hmmm…

running efficiency great example

<—-A special day reminder came in at a great time today, an Instagram image of May 28th, 2017, good coincidence here!

Effectiveness, efficiency in the concentrated engagement. It is not how hard we work and how much time we put in (by reminding myself of my own image at the left), it’s how smart and efficient we become with the quality of our energy and time. I’m loving it again!

The requirements reminding simplicity: 7 hours and 37 minutes of weekly average exercise to drop the unwanted pounds fast and in healthy, steady ways.

Objectives May 28th – June 3rd…

–> Drop between 3-5 pounds again even with the week being extremely busy. No excuses.

–> Remember the added “reasons why” and up-the-ante with professional reviews with the added personal taste..

–> Check 100m and 200m runs now as feets are become lose and less heavy!

–> Hit the gym twice this week as minimum for leg days

No roaring yet😩👋😂..but I swear I can hear the howling already! Seriously delightful haha😂🤫

You pump me up and I’ll pump you up! Has always been more fun this way👏🤟✌

–> History repeats itself or improves, its a lot of fun haha, we continue!


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