Ending Week #1 – Evaluation – “Use The Force!”

It takes will, lots of it!

running week goal reviewTo the very least, to me, a different set of will .

The odd willpower NOT to have eaten 3 of these sugarlicious, $1.04 dessert, that at times could taste better than sex for a mere 5 seconds, but doesn’t ruin reality check between such two heavens when there’s nothing left in plate. Good god.

Those types of thoughts that tend to intervene with great tasty food, its quite unique, often very special ones. Perhaps you can also relate at times.

Next week of March is another cool challenging week for me. Certainly an upcoming week that shouldn’t be as hard as convincing the latest vegan feminist she shouldn’t follow today’s latest foodie conundrum if having 21 days of pure momentum. Who should for this type of dessert! Surprisingly, it just works according to my weight scale, so reasons for applicability an consideration this upcoming week.

Regardless of week eating cheat days, 10x good read concept slowly and incrementally being applied in exercise again while potential injury possibility is kept closely monitored. Temporarily sucky at times for habit formation at the beginning as body is just not use to it. As always, the nuances of change. Not wanting to do exercise at times but managing to snap thoughts as quickly as possible while getting into new day routine thanks to complete conscious awareness. Its just pretty darn cool. Habit building and the cool intricacies..we continue!

heavy legs when runningFeels like exercising at 30% or so in capacity until legs manage energy expenditure. APFT challenge was accepted March 23rd, but seems to have crippled legs for a few days. Adjusting training as needed to be!

Running Training: 16.5 miles done for the week.

Notes: Only 1 day of leg day routine started @gym. Road bike 20+ miles. Reviewing upcoming week training plan and setting adjustments.


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