Commitment Start Day – The “Why” and Purpose

Its a start. has oficially launched and it’ll be exclusively written by me, Joaquin Reverón, an old time high-speed, adventurer in the process of transforming old eating habits and exercise habits, into brand new healthy ones, to get into top shape at my great mid-30s!

The purpose of being…

–> Running blog for improving speed at 100 meters, 200 meters, 2 mile runs, 5 mile runs, 10 mile runs and half-a-marathon runs

–>Build a commitment of continued weekly running improvements from my end, build the eating habits that definitely get anyone in top shape with continued high energy, day-after-day while keeping those deadlines locked

–>Review some of the products that I personally use, recommend and am a fan, not just running, but in everyday use

–> Achieve faster mile runs. Main goal being a 12:49 two-mile run. Very best ones being; 13:21 and 13:24 in my previous peak military full time training. Way better running can be achieved from March 19th, 2018 to March 19, 2019, including the 12:49 objective. Never ending goal being, continued being in physical shape and seeing how faster can I really go in my 30s..continued progress!

The blogs main purpose is and will always be to; remind myself even more to do daily exercise, eat healthy the majority of the time, and help others achieve top physical shape as an added perk, like I’ve successfully achieved, consistently, in previous years. The physical aging continues, so SlickRun now becomes the replacement for MyFitnessPal profile, which no longer tracks my exercise activities like it used to. So my own better version here 🙂

The “Why” of

  • Nothing beats the added euphoric feeling exercise provides, and when in shape it only grows even deeper.  Multiple studies have shown the benefits of running, ideal studies will be discussed and shared here. Enough time for that in the upcoming days. Main point being, constant reminder to track runs and keep a log file of everything I am doing to get to my 12:49
  • Looking to beat my own record! Nothing pumps me (and most competitive folks), more than knowing who are at the top in fields we hold special interest, and knowing what we can do if truly interested and committed. Getting to understand what’s required to achieve our own best, comparing ourselves to the icon(s) in such specialty, and seeing what we can do with our own abilities when deciding to compete..its just! So with good purpose, begins.

With that being said, here’s for chasing running excellence, again…CHEERS!



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