30 Days After First Commitments – Starting Results…

March 23rd resultsToday marked the commence of speed training integration!

First day starting speed results were fine and felt good, but still mediocre at best as mile runs aren’t under 7, let alone under 8 minutes yet, but getting there!

Thirty days of endurance training worked as projected. The slight nutrition modification continued to work for dropping fat without much weight loss even without consistent dieting, which is still, sign of continued training progress. Back in my 20s and starting 30s, I’d have definitely dropped 10-15 pounds easily with the amount of exercise recently done. Things, surprisingly, have slightly changed. Don’t you darn say it!

Results & Findings:

– Metabolism got slightly slower compared to previous years. Starting the 10x concept when hitting 31st birthday and committed to being under 10% body fat was much simpler. Still, I managed to drop more fat than weight in a 30 day endurance start.  Leg training, stretching and sole endurance training got started consistently (FitIndex results post 30 days results)

– Managed to take over 100,000 steps in a week again after 8 months of non-training regimen and jogged my first 16 mile run. A 27-30 miles jog/run is definitely achievable in the next 6 months instead of waiting for 2019 for a marathon jog accomplishment. Attempts should be made after August by slightly continued mile increments in endurance training.

Measurements in waist, hips, bust, neck all lowered even without significant weight loss! Commendable to an extent with the type of crazy weekend and night time eating. Adjustments required here to avoid deadline delays….

MyFitnessPal app entirely replaced with LoseIt app! Completely in love with the new app as it’s more advanced and slightly more effective than MyFitnessPal in my beginning tests. Still too early to confirm, but initial overall free and paid features prove correct. Awaiting DNA results for added weekly efficiency in both training and nutritional value added simplicity. Excellent app with nice paid premiums I haven’t fully discovered yet.

– Two old friends and a colleague found the blog useful even without much content yet. Thank you! Always nice to know. Wasn’t expecting it so early as I haven’t added much value yet. Quite nice to receive as I definitely hope it motivates others reading become in better shape and feel even healthier! On an added note. Kind of funny, but not surprising as I wasn’t with my usual companion or colleagues when it comes to critique..

it was actually funnyThe sweet and the sour mixed all together haha! A few folks questioned my masculinity and even gender directly and indirectly because this new blog design. Can you believe this?! I mean, really? Than they get butt-hurt when I counter with my own repertoire. That peculiar way of saying things that makes all the difference… you won’t even believe the age from this pooh-pooh mentality! No wonder why only 10-20% ‘really’ make it in fitness nicely and even professionally overall.. ignorance being bliss as some say…

The moral of the real story..who you hang with could either inspire or to an extent, slightly or surely influence you to become great or mediocre..definitely not a secret or a mystery! Having that selective hearing that marks a big time difference..oh men does it make a difference! Obama versus Donald Trump type of difference so we keep in-tune šŸ™‚ The “what”, the “who”, “where”, and the infamous “why” that answer everything either instantly that keep some us locked in with constant progress. Definitely a blog post expansion on this one pronto!

April 23rd to March 30th objective:

– Drop 4 pounds of weight. Combination of speed training, leg training @ gym and endurance training 5 days this week regardless of amount of work.

– Natatorium still closed. Find a nearby 50 meters pool to swim, there has to be 1-2 nearby!

– 2 mile run test check, find the new 10 mile run time, 200 meter run time and 100 meter run time this week. Prepare to re-test May 1st on intervals.

– Avoiding sodas, drinking more water, hitting delete on night time eating, and increasing metabolism by eating more in smaller portions during the first 21-30 day challenge.. begins!

The little things that add up quite quickly!


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